• Registering for IFC Recruitment


    1. CLICK HERE to register for recruitment and pay your

        $11 recruitment fee.


    2. Transcrips must be turned into the Greek Life Office

         before you can accept a bid. Deadline is September 24th

         at 5:00 PM


    a) If this is your first semester at UNT, you need to get your transcript

         from the registrar’s office in the ESSC


    b)If you have taken classes at UNT, you can submit either a transcript

        from the registrar or your unofficial transcript printed off my.unt.edu


    3. AlcoholEDU, if not yet completed with UNT, needs

         to be completed before you can accept a bid.

    a) www.everfi.com/register

    b) Password: C227216B


    4. HAVEN, if not yet completed with UNT, needs to be

         completed before you can accept a bid. This can be

         found through your my.unt.edu portal



  • Fall_2013_Bid_Day-1-2.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-1-3.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-1.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-2.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-3.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-4.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-5.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-6.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-7.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-8.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-9.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-10.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-11.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-12.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-13.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-14.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-15.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-16.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-17.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-18.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-19.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-20.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-21.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-22.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-23.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-24.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-25.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-26.jpg Fall_2013_Bid_Day-27.jpg